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Hailing from San Francisco, Mark Slee is known to wear many creative hats. But two of his all-time favorite fashions are that of DJ and producer. Since co-founding House-Heads in 2008, a collective combining forward-thinking music with a quirky underground vibe, he has gone on to join the Listed Bookings roster and host the monthly mix show Heron Sound on Proton Radio. Most recently he has formed Manjumasi Music, a label collaboration with long-time partner in crime Atish.

Over the course of an obsession with dance music now more than 15 years strong, Slee has evolved a style of deep house that reflects a unique personality, balancing intricate grooves, dreamy textures, and playful whimsical bounce. Blending his technical side with intuition and introspection, he takes an approach that tickles both mind and soul.

Slee's sets have taken him far and wide, playing for audiences from Cape Town to Playa del Carmen, from Robot Heart to the Cityfox series in NYC. On the home front, his penchant for diverse and well-crafted warmup sets sees him regularly playing SF's top clubs, supporting DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Danny Howells, Lee Burridge, Matthew Dear, Guy Gerber, Matthew Dekay, Vincenzo, Andre Lodemann, Stimming, Extrawelt and Hector.

Rounding things out are his original productions and remixes, released on Cityfox, Proton Music, Loöq Records, Tenampa, and Submarine Vibes.



Mark Slee's visual art is built around structured systems of addressable LED lights. Drawing on a background in computer programming, he develops algorithmic patterns inspired both by organic and mathematical processes, employing procedural motion, subtle variation, and evolving shifts in both form and hue. These patterns explore the way our visual perception works, creating a vivid, colorful experience that is pleasing both aesthetically and intellectually - pretty lights that tickle mind and soul.

These artworks are powered by a software framework Mark has developed called LX Studio. It is made freely available under an open-source license.

Completed Works
  • Tree of Ténéré — August 2017, Burning Man
    Co-lead artist. Lifelike 40ft diameter tree with over 20K+ LED leaves.
  • LightRail Prototype with Stefano Corazza & George Zisiadis — April 2016
    Two 45' LED tubes + video projection, simulating motion of BART trains on Market St. Demonstrations installed at Heron Arts and The Hall.
  • The Future is Bright by Erik Otto — February 2016, LinkedIn Omaha
    Enamel and spray paint on wood with custom programmed LED lights, 6×6'
  • Lutrix II — August 2015, Burining Man
    1600 nodes, 14' cube mesh on aluminum framing
  • Trilogy — November 2014, Private Commission, edition of 2
    99 nodes, 90"×40" face of triangular folded steel, walnut frame
    Fabrication by Alexis Moran
  • Squared by Charles Gadeken — April 2014, Coachella
    Software infrastructure for 1500+ light cubes across two 60-foot steel trees
  • Wish by Robert James — March 2014, EDC Mexico City
    Custom programming for 5000+ nodes across three 40+ foot metal flowers
  • Living Lights with Vanesa Dževdetbegović — February 2014, Asana HQ
    100 nodes, 48"×56" folded steel frame, walnut face, moss, tillandsia
    Fabrication by Alexis Moran
  • AudioSF — December 2013, Audio SF
    8× 100-node tufted panels, 184-node infinity mirror ring, audio-reactive programming
  • Sugar Cubes with Symmetry Labs — August 2013, Burning Man
    Software infrastructure for 15,000+ nodes across 80+ aluminum cubes
  • DBLX — June 2013, Dropbox HQ
    360 nodes, 57"×91" folded steel frame, walnut face
    Fabrication by Alexis Moran
  • The Cityfox Experience — November 2012, Manhattan NY
    750 nodes, ~30'×60' ceiling installation on architectural beams
  • Caf8teen — October 2012, Facebook HQ
    4,218 nodes, two ~9'×30' wall sections, diffused by frosted glass
    Architectural Design by Envelope A+D
  • Diodysia — August 2012, Burning Man
    400 nodes, 12'×12' hardware cloth mesh
  • Indirection mk2 — May 2012, Social Capital Partnership
    100 nodes, 92"×92" walnut frame, raw steel face
    Fabrication by Drew Bennett
  • TwoTwoTwo — March 2012, 222 Hyde SF
    480 nodes, 8'×15' ceiling-mounted PVC paneling
  • Teraxicum — November 2011, La Honda CA
    400 nodes, architectural installation on farm house
  • Lutrix — August 2011, Burning Man
    248 nodes, 4ft wire cube structure + 4ft wire cylindrical towers
  • Indirection — August 2010, Burning Man
    100 nodes, wood framing



Humanistic nihilism. Meaning is what we make. Love is a real thing. If life is a slow march towards death, then let us make it a parade. The best thing we can do with our limited time here is attempt to better understand the potential our minds and hearts make available to us through playful exploration.