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Mark C. Slee's visual art is built around structured systems of addressable LED lights. Drawing on a background in computer programming, he develops algorithmic patterns inspired by both organic and mathematical process, employing procedural motion, subtle variation, and evolving shifts in form and hue. The work deliberately avoids tropes of dystopian futures or mechanistic expressions of technical function. Rather, Slee explores the nuanced boundary where light exudes a vibrant personality, transforming perception into meaning. The meeting of the natural and synthetic worlds is a space of imaginative exchange — a vivid experience that tickles both mind and soul.

These artworks are powered by a software framework Mark has developed called LX Studio.

Done Is Better — 2017
Sugar Cubes — 2013
Living Lights — 2014
Trilogy — 2014
DBLX — 2013
Indirection mk2 — 2012
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  • Sonic Sphere @ The Shed NY — 2023
    Light artist, 60-ft diameter sphere with 68K+ LEDs.
  • Tree of Ténéré Dallas — 2021
    by Zachary Smith, Mark C. Slee, Studio Drift
    Co-lead artist, lifelike 40ft diameter tree with over 100K+ LEDs.
  • Done Is Better — 2017
    Facebook Dublin, 2040 nodes in 6-story atrium space.
  • Tree of Ténéré — 2017
    by Zachary Smith, Alex Green, Mark C. Slee, Patrick Deegan, Studio Drift
    Co-lead artist, lifelike 40ft diameter tree with over 100K+ LEDs.
  • Envelop — 2017
    Columns of audio-reactive lighting in a 28.4 channel immersive sound space.
  • LightRail — 2016
    with Stefano Corazza & George Zisiadis
    Two 45' LED tubes + video projection, simulating motion of BART trains on Market St.
  • The Future is Bright — 2016
    by Erik Otto
    LinkedIn Omaha, enamel and spray paint on wood with custom LED lights, 6×6'.
  • Lutrix II — 2015
    Burning Man, 1600 nodes, 14' cube mesh on aluminum framing.
  • Trilogy — 2014
    Edition of 2, 99 nodes, 90"×40" face of triangular folded steel, walnut frame.
  • Squared — 2014
    by Charles Gadeken
    Coachella + Burning Man, 1500+ light cubes across two 60-foot steel trees.
  • Wish — 2014
    by Robert James
    EDC Mexico City, programming for 5000+ LEDs across three 40+ foot metal flowers.
  • Living Lights — 2014
    with Vanesa Dževdetbegović + fabrication by Alexis Moran
    Asana HQ, 100 nodes, 48"×56" folded steel frame, walnut face, moss, tillandsia
  • Audio SF — 2013
    8× 100-node tufted panels, 184-node infinity mirror ring, audio-reactive programming.
  • Sugar Cubes — 2013
    with Symmetry Labs
    Burning Man, software + content for 15,000+ LEDs across 80+ aluminum cubes.
  • DBLX — 2013
    Fabrication by Alexis Moran
    Dropbox HQ, 360 nodes, 57"×91" folded steel frame, walnut face.
  • The Cityfox Experience — 2012
    Manhattan NY. 750 nodes, ~30'×60' ceiling installation on architectural beams.
  • Caf8teen — 2012
    Architectural Design by Envelope A+D
    Facebook HQ. 4,218 nodes, two ~9'×30' wall sections, diffused by frosted glass.
  • Diodysia — 2012
    Burning Man, 400 nodes, 12'×12' hardware cloth mesh.
  • Indirection mk2 — 2012
    Fabrication by Drew Bennett
    S23P HQ, 100 nodes, 92"×92" walnut frame, raw steel face.
  • TwoTwoTwo — 2012
    222 Hyde SF. 480 nodes, 8'×15' ceiling-mounted PVC paneling.
  • Teraxicum — 2011
    La Honda, CA. 400 nodes, architectural installation on farm house.
  • Lutrix — 2011
    Burning Man. 248 nodes, 4ft wire cube structure + 4ft wire cylindrical towers.
  • Indirection — 2010
    Burning Man. 100 nodes on wood framing.


Intricate grooves, dreamy textures, playful whimsical bounce. Over the course of an electronic music obsession more than 20 years strong, Mark Slee has evolved a deep musical style that reflects a unique personality, blending intuition and introspection with a methodical approach to production and curation.

Fully committed to digging the troves of modern dance music, Slee aims to uncover releases that stand out. His monthly mix show on Proton Radio showcases his discoveries, with over 100 mixes presented in the past decade. In 2016, Slee joined forces with musical partner Atish to form the label Manjumasi. Debuting with his own Nocturne Belle EP, Manjumasi celebrates quirky dance music that explores new territory without forgetting the dance floor. Beyond Manjumasi, Slee's original productions and remixes have been released on such imprints as Cityfox, Seven Villas, Lost Diaries, Cosmic Society, Magician On Duty, Nugget, Where the Heart Is, Proton Music, and more. In addition to regular appearances on his San Francisco home turf, Slee's style has earned him DJ sets in notable locales, such as Kater Blau and Sisyphos in Berlin, Cityfox in New York, and Robot Heart.

Since 2016 Slee has also been developing immersive, spatial audio-visual production tools for systems of up to 32 channels via Envelop. Notable live performances with Envelop include MUTEK.SF and FORM Arcosanti.

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  • LX
    Framework for real-time, interactive algorithmic 3-D lighting animation.
    Open-source tools for Ambisonics spatial audio processing using Max for Live.
    Developer + designer of custom DJ-oriented music storefront via Beatport API.
    Original author of open-source framework for cross-language data serialization and RPC.


  • Heron
    Gallery and creative space founded in 2013 around a broad mission to support the arts and culture in San Francisco, aiming to connect artist, audience, and experience in a number of ways:
    • Exhibiting contemporary work in the gallery context
    • Supporting community engagement with the arts via local programming
    • Sponsoring globally relevant cultural productions in San Francisco
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